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Mescal HighLands


Beautiful 50 mile views.

Go Back Next Page Located in Los Angeles County, California, USA

LC means Los Angeles County,
The "2" means 2 acre mimimun lot size.
and the "A1" means the following 22.24.070, light agriculture rules

22.24.070 Permitted uses.

Premises in Zone A-1 may be used for:

A. The following uses:

-- Adult residential facilities, limited to six or fewer persons.

-- Crops--field, tree, bush, berry and row, including nursery stock.

-- Foster family homes.

-- Group homes, children, limited to six or fewer children.

-- Residences, single-family, subject to the standards provided in Section 22.20.105.

-- Small family day care homes.

-- Small family homes, children.

B. The following light agricultural uses, provided that all buildings or structures used in conjunction therewith shall be located not less than 50 feet from any street or highway or any building used for human habitation:

-- The raising of horses and other equine, cattle, sheep and goats, including the breeding and training of such animals, on a lot or parcel of land having an area of not less than one acre and provided that not more than eight such animals per acre of the total ground area be kept or maintained in conjunction with such use.

-- The grazing of cattle, horses, sheep or goats on a lot or parcel of land with an area of not less than five acres, including the supplemental feeding of such animals, provided:

a. That such grazing is not a part of nor conducted in conjunction with any dairy, livestock feed yard, livestock sales yard or commercial riding academy located on the same premises;

b. That no buildings, structures, pens or corrals designed or intended to be used for the housing or concentrated feeding of such stock be used on the premises for such grazing other than racks for supplementary feeding, troughs for watering, or incidental fencing.

-- Greenhouses on a lot or parcel of land having, as a condition of use, an area of not less than one acre.

-- Raising of poultry, fowl, birds, rabbits, chinchilla, nutria, mice, frogs, fish, bees, earthworms, and other similar animals of comparable nature, form and size, including hatching, fattening, marketing, sale, slaughtering, dressing, processing and packing, and including eggs, honey or similar products derived therefrom, on a lot or parcel of land having, as a condition of use, an area of not less than one acre.

C. Hogs or pigs, provided:

1. That said animals are, as a condition of use, located not less than 150 feet from any highway and not less than 50 feet from the side or rear lines of any lot or parcel of land. This condition shall not apply to pygmy pigs;

2. That said animals shall not be fed any market refuse or similar imported ingredient or anything other than table refuse from meals consumed on the same lot or parcel of land, or grain;

3. That not to exceed two weaned hogs or pigs are kept.

(Ord. 92-0121 3, 1992; Ord. 85-0004 27, 1985; Ord. 82-0130 4 (part), 1982; Ord. 1494 Ch. 2 Art. 2 233, 1927.)

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Mescal Highlands
Los Angeles County

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